If you could write a yearbook letter to the Glee Graduates, what would you write??? Leave a comment below showing what you would write :)

This is what I would write:

Quinn: You are the biggest inspiration in my life. You have been through so much and pulled through. The pregnancy, the car accident and everything in between. Not to mention all the boy problems you have had. I hope you and Puck will look after Beth together in the future :) I love you and i hope you have the best few years ahead of you. The world is your oyster xx :) <3

Puck: WOW!!!! You are amazing. You are definitely NOT a Lima Loser. Through all the fights and arguements, kisses and hugs (and not to mention knocking Quinn Up), you have kept your cool. Although not all people will appreciate you, you know that i always do <3 xx :)

Rachel: You are a star. The biggest star in the entire universe. Bigger than the planets and even the sun. Keep singing, dancing and everything else. I hope that you have a great graduation and have a great time in NYADA. You will accomplish everything you set out to :) xx <3

Santana: I LOVE YOU! thats basically it. You will be successful at everything in the world. Keep Brittany by your side and you will be forever happy. I hope you do great in your cheerleading career and have the best few years ahead of you. xx :) <3

Kurt: gay-diddy-gay-da-gay-da-gay-gay! HAHAHA You are amazing and i hope you have fun keeping Rachel company in NYADA :) xx <3

Mike: KEEP DANCIN' BRO and have fun in high school. I hope you and Tina have adorable asian babies together hahaha <3 xx :)

Mercedes: Sing forever and you will achieve everything. Love you :) <3 xx

Finn: Although you are annoying sometimes, you sure can dance:) hahahaha :) look after Rachel and have fun in New York being her slave. Don't break her nose again. ROCK ON :) xx <3



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